It's Time to Turn the Heat Up

Each one of our dealers follow the same qualifying steps. It is our belief that although one strategy does not fit all, one process does. This calculated approach is fueled by our desire to assess a dealer’s needs as opposed to sell a product. Often times the most practical marketing plan for a dealer is the least profitable for us. However, we choose to look at each opportunity as a partnership rather than just a transaction. This mentality is why we do what’s right for our dealers every time.

Meet 212 Marketing

212 Marketing Group was founded in 2014 with the goal of being able to maintain continuous growth in the automotive industry through innovative marketing concepts and a strong dealership presence. It was started as a Direct Mail company and grew rapidly as technologically driven ideas proved to be both profitable and trackable opportunities for dealers. As the marketing company grew 212 Marketing decided to open a franchise dealership as well that would provide them with the grounds to test new ideas, strategies and concepts. This structure is what allows 212 Marketing Group to continue producing cutting edge products for their customers. 212 Marketing plans to continue developing new methods in order to keep making an impact on the automotive industry.