Digital Marketing

Leveling the Playing Field

Digital Marketing allows for several different strategies to be used in order to reach a larger audience, which can easily be targeted for a specific demographic. Digital Marketing also allows you to receive real-time analytics and directly attribute cost to ROI; therefore, allowing market approach adjustments if necessary.

Web Design

An aesthetically pleasing and navigable website is the key building block to digital marketing. The professional web development team at 212° Marketing Group specializes in graphic and coding skills for an automotive professional web design sure to attract more consumers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two primary pillars to the SEO strategy. We have the best internal web development team at 212° that can secure high-quality backlinks and professionally write website content. With unique content, keywords, and backlinks that are optimized for search engines we can help position your brand as the “go-to” for several prospect questions. This helps to increase organic traffic to your site through the search results. SEO is an unobtrusive marketing strategy that puts your brand in front of curious consumers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

At 212° Marketing Group, we develop a custom strategy for your business creating a unique brand experience and exert core competencies, which allows your dealership to fully optimize campaigns, even down to specific keywords. By using your DMS data and cross referencing marketing efforts and thousands of websites we can target specific geographical locations. PPC advertising is similar to traditional media in that it is “ads” placed throughout different properties. By analyzing internet traffic, your ad is strategically placed on sites you visit often to create more attraction. Unlike traditional media and paying a large fee, you pay for what you get with pay per click marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Capturing leads is the short-term goal with the ultimate goal being close sales. Once prospects are on the email list you can ‘soft sell’ to the potential consumers. The secret to success in email marketing is content! The design team at 212° Marketing Group has the capability to have any target demographic enthusiastic about your brand and ready to receive the next email. By offering user friendly tips, amazing content and stunning infographics you build a relationship through the email subscription and stay present in their minds during the research process, ultimately ending with closing the sale!


This form of online advertising allows the customer to be re-engaged by your brand through ads placed on other websites. Retargeted customers are 4X more likely to convert. The coding experts at 212° can control the retargeted audience by specifying who sees an ad based on the pages they interacted with. By re-engaging customers you stand more opportunity to convert those that did not do so initially, which sends them back to your website. Retargeting is also a great way to bring more brand awareness and improve customer perspective.




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